Greetings and welcome to the Georgia State Strategic Planning website.

This is an important time to be a member of the Georgia State community. Poised to begin our second century we are taking the opportunity to think about the future we want and to make the choices necessary to reposition our University among the great public research universities. It is our hope that the plan we adopt will have bold and innovative thinking about our scholarship, our teaching, our location, and our people.

We are eager for you to be part of an evolving conversation and to play a central role in development of the themes essential to our strategic plan. To that end we are planning a series of town-hall meetings to which all members of the community are invited. To make these meetings constructive we invite you to respond now to three questions that will result in the themes and topics around which we will structure our conversations. As you answer the questions, please keep in mind that your answers should address the development of the University as a whole, and not be framed as program requests. Additionally, we recommend that proposed themes project the development of the institution over a 5 to 10 year period; and that you contemplate imaginative conceptual and structural changes within the University and its relationship to local, national, and global contexts in which we will all engage. 

We are well positioned to think boldly and innovatively about Georgia State as we approach our second century. To succeed we will need the thoughtfulness of each of us to enhance significantly our place among universities. Please respond now in writing on the lefthand tab titled "Three Questions" or at the email address (strategicplan@gsu.edu), and take part in person at the various meeting venues to come.