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The Panther PERQs program is a partnership with local, statewide and national businesses that offer discounts or other incentives to Georgia State University employees and/or students with valid University identification cards.

To use the program, a Georgia State University employee and/or student must identify themselves when making a purchase by showing a valid GSU picture ID or by giving the code, numbers, or following the instruction listed on the Panther PERQs page.

Some discounts will require registering for membership, account numbers, brochures, order forms, or other information. To attain that information, please follow the instruction on the PERQs Program page.

Georgia State University does not evaluate, endorse or warrant the products and services offered by the Panther PERQs business partners. Georgia State University and Panther PERQs business partners have the right to discontinue the partnership at anytime.

To contact the Panther PERQs staff, please contact Employee Development and Wellness Services (EDWS) at (404) 413-3342 or email:

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