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Using Lync


 This document covers how to use Microsoft Lync on a Windows computer.


  • Lync Account
  • Lync for Windows


Steps to Change Your Profile Picture

  1. Click the profile picture beside your name.

    Figure 1: Click the picture frame
  2. In the Lync-Option dialog box:
    A. Select either:
    -  Do not show my picture
    -  Default Corporate picture
    -  Show picture from a web address
    B. Click OK.

    Figure 2: Profile picture options.
  3. Click the drop down menu and select your location.

    Figure 3: Change location
  4. Click the drop down menu and type in your status.

    Figure 4: Change status

Steps to Add Contacts to Microsoft Lync

  1. Select the Plus Sign and select All Contacts to add the contacts.

    Figure 6: Select “+” sign and then select "All Contacts"

Steps to Create a New Group

  1. Right click Contact List and select Create New Group.

    Figure 7: Create New Group
  2. Type the Group Name and then click Enter.
    Figure 8: Type group name

Steps to Schedule a Meeting

  1. Right click the user you wish to schedule a meeting with and select Schedule a Meeting.
    Figure 14: Right click the user and select "Schedule a Meeting"
  2.  In the Meeting dialog box:
    A. Enter the meeting’s subject in the Subject field
    B. Enter the location of the meeting in the Location field
    C. Select the Date and Time
    D. Click Send
    Figure 15: Schedule a meeting

Using Lync outside the university network

If you are using Lync from a location outside the university network, you can use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to communicate with colleagues from off-campus. If you use the VPN, you should start Lync first, then start the VPN.

For more information about the VPN and how to use it, go to:


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IS&T Help Center at 404-413-HELP (4357) or