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Using Lync

This documents covers how to use Microsoft Lync.


  • Lync Account
  • Lync for Mac


Steps to Update User's Status

  1. Click the drop down menu below your name and select your current availability, also known as status. 

    Figure 1: Changing your status

Steps to Add Contact

  1. Enter the name you want to add in the search field.

    Figure 2: Enter name on search field.
  2. On the Microsoft Lync dialog box:
    A. Click “+” sign
    B. Select the group to which you want to add the contact.

    Figure 3: Add contact into contact list.

Steps to Create a New Group

  1. In the Apple Task Bar:
    A. Click Contact.
    B. Select Create New Group.

    Figure 4: Click "Contact" and then "Create New Group."
  2. Enter the name of the new group.

    Figure 5: Enter name of new group.

How to Start a Group Conversation

  1. In the Apple Task Bar:
    A. Click Conversation
    B. Click Meet Now
    C. Select Meet with Video

    Figure 8: To start a group conversation
  2. Drag and drop contacts that you wish to add into the group conversation.

    Figure 9: Drag and drop contacts to group conversation.

Steps to Schedule a meeting

  1. On Microsoft Lync dialog box:
    A. Right click the contact you want to schedule a meeting with.
    B. Click Schedule Meeting

    Figure 10: Schedule a meeting
  2. On the New Meeting Screen:
    A. Enter the meeting's subject in Subject field.
    B. Enter location in the Location field.
    C. Enter date and time in the Starts and Ends field.
    D. Enter a brief explanation for the meeting in the Message field.
    E. Click Send.

    Figure 11: Enter new meeting information.

Steps to Use Spell Check

  1. While typing in the conversation window, press control and click the misspelled word then select the correct spelling from the list. 

    Figure 12: Using spell check.

Using Lync outside the university network

If you are using Lync from a location outside the university network, you can use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to communicate with colleagues from off-campus. If you use the VPN, you should start Lync first, then start the VPN.

For more information about the VPN and how to use it, go to:


If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IS&T Help Center at 404-413-HELP (4357) or