University Research Services and Administration

Proposal Development

All sponsored projects must be processed through the Office of Sponsored Programs.  A sponsored project is any activity funded by an external agency to accomplish a defined scope of work or set of objectives. If you have any questions about whether you are proposing a sponsored project, please contact your OSP representative. Every department on campus is assigned an OSP representative who can help with proposal preparation  (see OSP directory).

When developing a proposal, PIs, assisted by departmental or college staff, should complete any forms required by the funding agency (using the Fact Sheet), the technical proposal or scope of work, budget and budget justification.

PIs then submit the proposal for review to their unit head, dean, and sponsored programs representative for campus approval using the Proposal Approval Form. The OSP Quick Reference details what needs to accompany the Proposal Approval Form.

OSP requires that all proposals, electronic or otherwise, be submitted to an OSP representative five business days prior to agency deadline with hardcopy of the proposal and the Proposal Approval Form completed and signed by all appropriate parties.

After OSP review, PIs are responsible for transmitting any proposals that are to be submitted via mail.

Although only selected parts of the proposals need to accompany the Proposal Approval Form, a final version of the complete proposal (including narrative) must be sent to OSP when it is completed.

Procedures for electronic submissions are detailed here.

Resources to aid proposal development:

URSA Research Administration Resource Manual includes information on regulations and procedures concerning:

Georgia State University Policy Regarding Principal Investigator/Project Director Eligibility defines who can submit a proposal.

Openness in Research Policy provides guidance for the determination of acceptable restrictions on the openness of research.

Roles and Responsibilities of Georgia State University Employees Engaged in Sponsored Project Management and Oversight outlines the role PIs, chairs, deans, and University Research Services & Administration staff have in complying with the regulations of having a sponsored project.