University Research Services and Administration

Animal Care and Use

All research at Georgia State University (GSU) that involves animal subjects must be reviewed and approved in accordance with federal law and GSU policy. GSU's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is charged with overseeing compliance with these federal regulations. The goal of these regulations is to ensure the safety, respect, and dignity of animal subjects involved in scientific research, and is a cooperative effort between the IACUC, IACUC Compliance Officer, Principal Investigators (PI), laboratory staff, and animal care staff.  See the IACUC Policies and Procedures Manual for additional information.

1.    Training

You must complete the required online AALAS Learning Library training.  To find out what training is required, please see the Required Education Document. Contact the IACUC Office at if you need further assistance to determine which modules you need to complete.

2.    Animal Use Protocol

BEFORE animals can be ordered or used, you must complete an Animal Use Protocol Application and receive approval from IACUC.

Renewals, protocol amendments, and personnel amendments may be made using the appropriate Word documents and submitting it to the IACUC by e-mail. 

All protocol applications and amendments must be submitted by the first business day of the month to be considered at the monthly IACUC meeting (see Calendar).

If you have further questions, please contact the IACUC Office at or refer to our IACUC Frequently Asked Questions.

3.    Facility Access

After your protocol is approved and you have completed the required training contact Dean Blake for access to facilities containing animals.

4.    Animal Welfare Assurance Number A-3914

This Assurance Number is current and applicable to all research, research training, experimentation, biological testing, and related activities at GSU. 


Animal Resources Program

This site contains information regarding the following: Animal Resource Program mission, animal care and use service fees (per diems, technical support, equipment use, etc.), animal care and use training workshops, online forms (Animal Requisition Form, Pharmaceutical Request Form, Animal Protocol Transfer Form, Room Transfer Request Form, and Facility Access Request Form), animal husbandry standard operating procedures, Principal Investigator Animal Facility Manuals, lab calendar to be utilized to schedule the use of procedural and surgical space.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Committee members and regulations governing formation and function of committee.

IACUC Calendar

Dates of committee meetings and submission deadlines.

General Program Information