University Research Services and Administration

Human Subjects

All research at Georgia State University (GSU) that involves human subjects must be reviewed and approved in accordance with federal law and GSU policy. GSU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with overseeing compliance with these federal regulations. The goal of these regulations is to ensure the safety, respect, and dignity of human subjects who volunteer to participate in scientific research, and to provide public accountability for the trust which the public places in institutions conducting such research.

General IRB Information and Contacts

Georgia State University's Federal Wide Assurance, registration, and Institutional Official information, as well as contact information for the IRB staff members is available.

Application Information

Explanations of the applications and step-by-step guides on many IRB actions are available.

Electronic Submission of IRB Applications

All applications to the IRB will be made through IRBWise. This system facilitates the online, electronic submission and monitoring of protocols, adverse events, renewals and amendments.

Required Education and Training

 All researchers, staff, students, and others who interact with human subjects in the performance of research and assisting in research must complete required on-line educational program on the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI), a comprehensive web-based program before the Institutional Review Board (IRB) may accept a proposal.

Informed Consent Process

All subjects must be adequately consented to participate in research.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The IRB meets once monthly. Those protocols that require that require review by the full board must be submitted by the posted deadline .

IRB Members

A complete list of the IRB members and their area of expertise is provided.

List Serve

The list serve was created to distribute updates and other relevant changes through email to all Principal Investigators.

IRB Manual

The IRB Manual contains the rationale, responsibilities, policies, and regulations for the IRB.

Additional Information

CITI Course Registration