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Environmental Programs

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Get to know the staff that services all of your environmental needs.

Environmental Safety Staff

Environmental Safety

Georgia State University has a number of programs established to help it comply with local and federal regulations, and to ascertain the health of our student body and our campus.

Lead-based Paint

Clean Air Act
Universal Waste 
(including bulbs, ballasts and batteries)
Environmental Assessments
Environmental Programs Advisory Committee (EPAC)

Radiation Safety

Learn how to handle radioactive waste on campus.

Radioactive Solid Waste Procedures
Radioactive Aqueous Liquid Waste Procedures


Learn how to safely handle potential bio-hazards on campus.

Bio-hazardous Waste Disposal
Preserved Specimen Disposal
Sharps Disposal
Broken Glass Disposal

Lab Safety and Hazardous Waste

Laboratory Safety Manual
Monthly Generator Assessment Sheet (coming soon)
Hazardous Waste Labels
MSDS and Chemical Safety Information
Hazardous Chemical Waste Procedures


Training Schedule
Training Registration

Emergency Response

Environmental Programs has trained staff to help assist and coordinate various chemical environmental emergency responses.


GSU's Sustainability Program

Pollution Prevention and Energy Conservation