University Research Services and Administration

Electronic Submission Procedures

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Many sponsors are now requiring proposals to be submitted electronically. Because each agency has different procedures we have established guidelines and helpful links on how to submit proposals to a number of sponsoring agencies.

It is University policy that Principal Investigators (PIs) obtain authorized campus approval BEFORE electronically submitting proposals, using the Proposal Approval Form, even in cases where the sponsoring agency allows PIs to directly submit to it.  To obtain that approval, a hard copy of the proposal should be submitted to OSP five business days prior to agency deadline. OSP Quick Reference details what needs to accompany the Proposal Approval Form.

When developing a proposal, PIs, assisted by departmental or college staff, should complete any forms required by the funding agency (using the Fact Sheet), the technical proposal or scope of work, budget and budget justification.

Although the research narrative may be in draft form at this time, it is mandatory that the application be finished and ready to be submitted 48 hours before the grant application due date. For some agencies this will require the PI to upload their application and indicate it is ready to submit. For others, it will require sending the electronic files to their OSP Representative to be submitted. PIs should always email their OSP representative that the grant is ready to be submitted.

Because of the possibility of problems with electronic submission it is especially important to submit electronic proposals in a timely manner, including registering with the funding agency early in the proposal preparation process when necessary. Most agencies will not allow late applications and systems will lock you out after the deadline, even when the problems are caused by issues of electronic submission.

Agencies with eRA systems:

National Science Foundation (NSF) FASTLane Application Submission Procedures

American Heart Association

US Department of Energy (DOE)

US Department of Defense: Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

US Department of Education (DOEd)

US DHHS/Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)