University Research Services and Administration

Awards Management

Post-award management involves close collaboration between the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD), departmental administrators, and representatives from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Research Financial Services (RFS), and Compliance and Safety. The main phone number is (404) 413-3500 for all University Research departments.

Prior to receiving sponsored funds, PI/PDs must receive approval for the research protocol from the appropriate compliance and safety committee.


Sponsored Projects Representatives work on any issues which require a University official to contact the sponsoring agency. Thus, they accept awards, negotiate the terms and agreements of an award or contract when necessary, and process revisions to the original proposal. They also prepare and send a Notice of Award to the PI and relevant administrators, which establishes the project account number, as well as detailing the terms and conditions of the award.

Prior to official notification, a PI may be able to establish a Pre-Award Project Number using the IPAS.

The PI also works with their SP representative if their awards require the establishment of a subcontract not in the original proposal (Subcontract Request) or request a no-cost extension at the end of the award (IPAS).


Research Financial Services Accountants assist PIs and departmental administrators with the fiscal administration of the award, including issues concerning budget management, cost sharing, and personal effort reporting. They are responsible for preparing financial reports to the sponsors (including close-out) and invoicing/collections.


URSA's Research Administration Resource Manual provides more detailed information on awards management, including information on regulations and procedures concerning


Financial administration of sponsored projects must follow the policies and procedures established by departments within GSU's Finance and Administration, including those governing disbursements, student accounts, human resources, accounting services, spectrum, procurement of goods and services.