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Research Computing

Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) provides systems and applications support for research computing.

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--- Gary Hastings uses IBM supercomputer to find a new way to simulate data in examining photosynthesis, leading to better understanding of how plants work. More ---
--- CARINA: New Supercomputer ---

CARINA is a new 14.1 TeraFlop high-performance supercomputer. Named for the constellation, the IBM Power 7-755 supports research in chemistry, physics, biology, neuroscience and other areas.

  • 640 cores (3.3Ghz Power 755) ; 2.5TB memory
  • 20TB storage; Infiniband interconnect
  • AIX operating system

-----   Viz Wall   -----

Visualization Wall - 7x28 ft, 200 million pixels

GSU's Petit Science Center's 200Million Pixel Visualization Wall is one of the largest high-resolution tiled display walls in the world. Running Windows 7, the Viz Wall is a unique resource for Research and Education. Contact for a demo tour about using the Viz Wall for your research or class.  (More [PDF])

Georgia State leverages SURA Partnership with IBM
IS&T and VP Research funded this IBM p575 expansion. (Read more. [PDF])


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Research Computing supports Georgia State University cyberinfrastructure for research computing, including high performance computing, grid computing, data storage and visualization.

Georgia State's core research computing resources include:

  • IBM System p7-755 (CARINA)
  • Visualization Wall (200 Million pixels)
  • IBM System p5 575 (URSA)
  • IBM Cluster 1350 (OCTANS)
  • SURAgrid

Executive overview of computing systems available to researchers  [PDF]